Stella Savy
Australia and Seychelles
Sounds Of Seychelles

With Gaetan Landry and Stella Savy

Seychelles-based musician and traditional dancer Gaetan Landry  teams up with Australian musician and renowned choir  dierector Stella Savy to deliver a unique insight to the culture of these exotic Indian Ocean islands.
Since 2012,  Stella Savy and Gaetan Landry have been working together performing and preserving traditional music from the Seychelle Islands. They perform using  traditional Secychelle instruments such as the Bonm, Zez, Triangle and Mutia Tambour.  The pair sing in the kreol language that is particular to the Seychelles, and bring to life old slave songs about hope, despair, and love lost and found. They also perform songs that use muscial folklore to teach survival- essential for the small island communities.  Together, Stella and Gaetan warm the soul and enchant audiences.
Gaetan Landry is the country’s expert in Tinge (Tsinge) dance and singing, and is dedicated to keeping the songs and dances alive. In 2014 Gaetan and Stella presented at a national forum as part of the annual Kreol Festival. They demonstrated Tinge and had it recognised by UNESCO ensuring that these unique dances and songs will not be lost forever.
Sounds of Seychelles is a mezmerising performance, exploring the old music of  the Seychelles, including traditional slave songs and teaching songs. Gaetan and Stella are passionate about saving the musical heritatge of the Seychelles, and aim to share their knowledge and skills by providing workshops for choirs, community groups and schools.
 They will work with the national library and the Kreol institute, ensuring the content is specific to Seychelles and its colourful history.

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